Why Statistical Data Is Important in Sports Betting?


Statistics data has a big role to play in sports betting. The more you are acquainted with probability models, and statistical methods, the more natural will be the handicapping decisions.

This article tells you more about the importance of statistical data to make the most out of sports betting.

Why Do You Need to Do Statistical Analysis in Sports Betting?

Winning or losing sports bet is less certain. Several factors come into play when determining the outcome. To be a successful sports bettor, it is important to carry out your analysis of statistical data.

You should identify those variables that strongly influence the result of an event/contest and compute your probabilities for every possible result. This data helps compare the likelihood of betting against the indirect expectations established by the bookie.

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What is Regression Analysis?

This is a form of analysis that uses a set of processes for determining the relation between a dependent variable and one or multiple independent variables.

What is Statistical Significance?

The outcome is seen to have a statistical significance when it has no probabilities to take place when there was no relation between the two variables.

What is a Multiple Regression Analysis?

As multiple variables determine the result of a game to some extent, analysis of multiple regressions is the commonest method used for sports betting. Instead of picking up one statistic, the system takes into consideration several regressions, and based on that the past data is derived to get future estimate.


To win sports bet, it requires you to study and manipulate statistics data. Continuously look for new variables that translate to wins. Though it may take time, it is sure to lead to more wins when you gain expertise in it.